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Every life has death and every light has shadow. Be content to stand in the light and let the shadow fall where it will.

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First and foremost, I just wanted to give thanks to all of you for sticking around. You’re all extremely appreciated for choosing to have my posts on your dash. Some of you have been following me for years, and that’s insane. Trust me, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

I’ve considered posting a Follow Forever with previous follower counts, but in all honesty I don’t follow many blogs, and the list would be pretty redundant.The blogger of the week thing was pretty short-lived; I kept forgetting to create new posts. So I figured I’d just list and give thanks to some lovely people, who I feel deserve appreciation for being kind and supportive, & for running wonderful blogs. 

~ my mutuals 
Hannah | Emma | Sean | Hannah | Alice | Delaney | Yolanda | Dakota | Sasha | Alex 

~ special mentions & wonderful followers 
Alice | Paige | Kasey | Gemma | Sophie | Anna | Charly | Imogen | Suzannah | Grace 
Secret Sweetie | Molly | Paige 

this is so thoughtful 

You don’t have to be ruled by fate. You can choose freedome.


sam, i know you think you’re gonna try to fix me, but maybe i don’t want to be fixed.

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5.10 Abandon All Hope